The Discocks

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Membres du Groupe :

Y. A. S - Guitare

Peter - Basse + Chants
Mishiyan - Batterie

Biographie :

The Discocks est un groupe Punk Japonais formé au début des années 90 à Tokyo.

Discographie :

1992 : Voice Of Youth EP (New Age Records)

1993 : Voice Of Youth EP (Helen Of Oi ! Records) Repress in Fold-Out Cover

1995 : V. A. Noise For The Boys LP (New Age Records) with Raise A Flag, Taisho and Another Japanese Oi ! Band

Class Of '94 EP (Knock Out Records)

1996 :

Hated And Proud Split EP w/ Tom And Bootboys (Knock Out Records)

V. A. Streetpunk Worldwide EP (Helen Of Oi ! Records) w/ Oxymoron, Braindance & Bottom Of The Barell

V. A. Chaos Of Destruction Vol 3 LP ( ??? Records) w/ Frigora, Screaming Noise, Disclose, ORdER, Extinct Government + more

1997 :

Long Live Oi ! LP/CD (Knock Out Records)

Boot Boys Anthem EP (Overthrow Records)

V. A. Follow No Leaders LP/CD (Nat Records) w/ Tom And Bootboys, Youth Anthem, Spiky Joys + more

O. P. D. L. Tape (Self-Released) Limited to 20 Copies

1998 :

V. A. Transition Period EP (MCR Company) w/ The Dick Spikie & Youth Anthem


V. A. Sound Of Rebellion Vol. 1 CD (A. D. D. Records) w/ The Casualties, Blanks '77, Oxymoron, The Unseen + more

2003 :

BSS Demos CD-R (Self Released/New Age Records)

2004 :

V. A. Life's A Bitch CD (MCR Company) w/ Pogo Machine, Hat Trickers & 2nd Degree

2005 :

Dont Be Fooled, Dont Be Satisfied, Dont Be Ruled, Dont Be Denied CD (Pogo 77 Records)

Split CD w/ The Negatives (Mcr Company)

2006 :

V. A. Bootboys Stomp CD (Bootstomp Records) w/ Drex, Raise A Flag, Anger Flares +more

2007 :

V. A. Conflict For Freedom 2007 DVD w/ Extinct Government, Tom And Bootboys +more

2010 :

Carry on Oï ! singles & rarities

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